Outsourcing Environmental Requirements

Organizations can focus on their core business and outsource their end to end environmental solutions to us. We tailor make the requirements on a customized basis. We have been running this service successfully over the last 2 decades successfully with marquee clients in the water treatment space.

Value added rentals across environmental spectrum

We provide value added rentals across all spectrums in the environment space. The areas of offer includes complete systems or critical part of the equipment’s for water, waste water, organic waste conversion and productivity enhancement solutions like installation of efficient blowers & pumps ( power savings ) smart meters for non-revenue water reduction and the like

Advantages to End-users

Avoid high upfront capex and thereby conserving capex.
Avoid taking Technology Risk, compared to buying Equipment under an EPC contract

Hassle free – Leave it to Technology experts to outsource the Operations and Maintenance on a long-term basis.

What we require?

Monthly Fee – End-user pays attractive Monthly Service Fee

Assurance of highest quality of technology solution

Long-term Contract (10 to 15+ years)

  • We would invest in State of the Art, Purification Plant comprising of filtration, reverse osmosis and ozonization.
  • We would install it in your premises and process water as per World Health Organization (WHO) Standards, Geneva.
  • We would maintain the plant to ensure consistent quality of water, which would be tested regularly.
  • Water will be piped or bottled at your site under stringent hygienic standards & quality.
  • Maintenance including spares, consumables and labor will be under our scope.
  • You have to provide us with untreated raw water, electricity and minimal unused space for operations on site.
  • User pays only according to the consumption, providing us with a guaranteed minimum consumption based on normal usage.

The amount charged will provide a savings, besides assured quality on-line and helping unbottling traffic.