Technology – Filtration System

Self-Cleaning - Disk & Screen
Sand Carbon & Dual Media Filtration
Multi Bore Hollow Fiber Ultra-Filtration System

Technology – Potable Water System

Alkaline Water Ionizer
Reverse Osmosis & Desalination System

Technology – Water Treatment Systems 

Rain Water Harvesting Systems
Low Powered Aeration System
Iron & Specialized Chemical Removal System
Low Powered Pumping System
Modular Systems of Plug & Use
Automation System

Technology – Settling System


Clarification systems with low footprint (lamella settlers)
Mechanical Clarifier

Technology – Disinfection System

Silver Ionization
Ozonization Technologies
Ultra – Violet System
Dozing System

Technology – Storage Systems

Zinc Alumnae Quick Fit Tank
Stainless Steel Tank