Energy saving systems

Proven Technology in a leading design

The most cost-effective  technology for driving down your energy

  • Optimally integrated core technologies for air foil bearing, motors, impellers, etc. provide stability and reliability for operation.
  • Optimized motor speed control technology using a variable frequency drive (VFD) makes it possible to maximize productivity with minimal energy consumption.

Providing all-in-one packages of what you want

  • The turbo blower realizes single unit package integrating all functions such as programmable logic controller (PLC), variable frequency drive (VFD), etc.
  • The state-of-the-art design ensures energy and time saving effects without auxiliaries.

Keeping working environment with your peace of mind

  • 100% Oil-less system makes turbo blower free from the productivity losses and maintenance expenses due to oil permeation.
  • Provide comfortable operation with low package vibration and noise less than 80 dB(A), not requiring additional foundation work.

The Perfect Harmony in every technology detail

Unique Air Foil Bearings

High Efficient Milled Impeller

Advanced Control And Monitoring

Simple And Powerful Cooling System

Advanced Control And Monitoring

Maximise Your Benefits



A turbo blower ensures customer’s profit by greatly reducing operation costs compared to conventional blowers. These excellent energy saving technologies enable investment recovery within two or three years.

Lake & pond revival systems



Schematic Scheme for lake treatment

Lake Recirculation System


The automatic “ABF electric filter is a heavy duty filter, which has built in  automatic  self-cleaning  features to maintain and clean the filter screen during operation.

The automatic self-cleaning operation is monitored by the PDS (Pressure Differential Switch) that senses the pressure drop between the inlet and the outlet of the filter. The PDS is factory preset to start the flushing cycle at 0.5 bar (7 PSI) pressure differential.

The power of oxygen transfer is given by the difference of the voltage and the level of oxygen in air and in water. The larger this difference, the greater the transfer.

Aeration is provided either through systems that inject air at depth, exploiting the high contact surface of the microbubbles on the entire water column (air in water), or by reversing the concept through systems that spray water on the surface, thereby increasing the length of time in the air (water in the air).

Artificial floating Plants

Under Water Aerators


Channel Water Aerators


Stream Water



Large volume strands of blue-green algae (microcystis aeruginosa) are clearly evident minutes  from commencement of trial

After addition of oxygenated systems, showing stable conditions and healthy water

Leak detection systems

Intelligent systems for locating leaks and monitoring water pipe networks

  • Zone measuring / monitoring – Data loggers for pressure, flow and noise Level Ultrasonic and electromagnetic flow meters.
  • Pre-location and pinpoint location – Correlators, Noise level loggers, Electro-acoustic listening equipment.
  • Line and object location – Line locating.

Zone Measuring

Sebalog P-3 / Sebalog P-3-Mini The pressure logger

Sebalog D-3 The universal data logger

Sebalog N-3 network Comprehensive network monitoring with GSM

UDM 300 The portable ultrasonic flow meter

SebaFlow Stationary inflow measurement


Zone measurements in a drinking water network make it possible for losses to be quantified. In this process, pressure/flow measurements and level/frequency measurements are used to determine areas in which leaks have occurred. SebaCloudTM is the web software of SebaKMT and it provides an overview of your entire network all the time, enabling you to view current and historical measurement data and track how the readings change over long periods. As well as this, you can save pipe network data, correlate measurement results and use network diagnostic functions.

Pre-location and pinpointing

Hydrolux HL 50-BT The handheld ground microphone

Hydrolux HL 7000 The ground microphone

Sebalog N-3 The network-compatible noise level logger

Hydrolux HL H2 The hydrogen leak location device

Correlux C-3 The field correlator

GSM-Transmitter GT-3-S GPS synchronized GSM transmitter

Correlux C-300 The laptop correlator

Pocket Server PS-3 Data interface

Correlux C-30 Cost-effective offline correlation

Line and object location

We upgrade technologies for existing systems, execute NGO related projects and undertake knowledge dissemination programs.