Recycling entire waste water – Sewage & Effluent for zero discharge                               

Technology – Screening/Oil removal

Automated Coarse Bar Screen System
Automated Fine Screen System
Automated Food Waste and Oil & Grease Separator

Technology – Biological Treatment

Mixed Bed Bio Reactor System
Membrane Bio Reactor System
Low Powered Sequential Batch Reactor System
Enhanced Bacteria Propagation Technology

Technology – Effluent Treatment Plant  

Screening, Neutralisation, Biological, Settling, Tertiary-Pre and Post

Technology – Settling System


Clarification systems with low footprint (lamella settlers)
Mechanical Clarifiers with Scrappers

Technology – Tertiary Treatment

Self-Cleaning - Disk & Screen
Sand Carbon & Dual Media Filtration
Multi Bore Hollow Fiber Ultra-Filtration System
Reverse Osmosis & Desalination System

Technology – Sludge Handling Treatment


Desludger System
Centrifuge Dewatering System

Technology – Disinfection Treatment

Copper Silver Ionization
Ultra – Violet
Dozing System

Technology – Modular Systems


Modular System of Plug & Use
Automation System
Modular Systems