Many First

We have many FIRSTS in the design and execution of EPC systems using innovative and advanced technologies.

Desalination System 2000

Desalination system (connected to various kiosks via a piped water system) that provides drinking water in a public place.

On-site Drinking Water Treatment 2003

Rentals with value adds ,like Integrated potable water point which eliminates transportation of treated packaged water.

Modular System 2005

Plug and use modular waste water systems, can be transported to different locations.

MBR System 2009

Membrane Bio Reactor systems are installed in the residential sector – where waste water is recycled for re-use in toilets.

Self-Cleaning Filtration 2012

Self-Cleaning filtration, a pretreatment to dual media filtration  applications.

Offshore Outsourcing 2013

International Offshore model of design, erection & commissioning services via knowledge base

Zero Discharge 2013

Zero discharge recycling waste water systems of Green standards. Integrating components of SELF CLEANING/MBHFUF/RO, whereby high-quality water is recycled.

Food Waste, Oil & Grease Separator 2015

Automated Food waste, Oil and Grease separator systems, which removes food debris automatically, prior to removal of oil.

Alkaline Water Ionizer 2019

Alkaline water ionizer to enhance immunity and retains nutrients.