Providing quality EPC services backed by 25yrs of expertise in Water & Waste Water.

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Many Firsts

We have many FIRSTS in the design and execution of EPC systems using innovative and advanced technologies.

  • Membrane Bio Reactor systems are installed in the residential sector – where waste water is recycled for re-use in toilets
  • Plug and use modular waste water systems
  • Integrated potable water point of use systems which eliminates transportation of treated packaged water
  • A desalination system (connected to various kiosks via a piped water system) that provides drinking water in a public place.
  • Alternate to sand filtration systems in waste water applications
  • A complete recycling of waste water integrating advanced technologies(MBHFUF/RO), whereby water purity is via high quality of green standards reuse.
  • Advanced eco-friendly biological system wherein beneficial bacteria multiply exponentially, that requires limited space and have nil or low energy bills