Providing quality EPC services backed by 25yrs of expertise in Water & Waste Water.

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Our Management

Living Water is managed by a qualified and experienced team of innovators with a penchant towards identifying problems and finding solutions (with the constraints faced) in the water and waste water space in the developing world.

Its culture revolves around intensive practical applications research in finding innovative and unique solutions. The team comprises of a combination of personnel from the fields of environment, engineering, projects, marketing and management.

The team has challenged the status quo and has a process in identifying areas in water and waste water where unique applications systems are required to be designed and follow it up with the execution.

As technological components are required to be integrated in these systems, the team scans various suitable options, locally and globally.

The team's vision is to assist the developing world with solutions which are required. The founders understanding of international markets & practices - enhances their ability to serve end markets.