Providing quality EPC services backed by 25yrs of expertise in Water & Waste Water.

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Living Water is experienced in the design and specification of a wide range of EPC services. Our team can develop flow sheet options, prepare cost estimates and conduct decision analysis for virtually any requirement.

Our experience includes new facilities and add-on facilities/refurbishment within existing facilities.

Living Water helps clients get best value through design and function. We employ timely planning and innovative management to meet client objectives and get best value.

During the design phase, Living Water provides detailed design engineering. This includes preparation of detailed drawings, specifications, cost estimates for equipment, instrumentation, controls, mechanical and electrical, along with all civil design requirements.

Filtrate Flow & Selection SKID
Filtration velocity
Filtrate Flow 700 T/D 0.445 m3/m2ㆍday
SKID S30V-30BE201 Required Membran Surface Area
Flux 1694.24 m2
Design Flux 20.0 LMH Calculated Required modules
Backwash Flux 40.0 LMH Modules 57 EA
CEB Flux 40.0 LMH SKID 3 EA
Operating Time SKID number per train
Filtrate Time 9.5 min # SKID / Train 3 EA
Relax Time 0.5 min Engineer Selection
Times per Day 1.0 Times Train Array
B/W Time 5.0 Times Divide Train 1 Train
B/W Duration 0.5 min  
CEB Sequence
Aeration 2.5 min
Backwash 0.5 min
Aeration 0.5 min
Release 10.5 min
Aeration 12.0 min
Total Time 30.0 min