Providing quality EPC services backed by 25yrs of expertise in Water & Waste Water.

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About Us

We have 25 years of expertise as a quality EPC provider of innovative and advanced technological solutions in water & wastewater treatment.; with a track record of over 3000 installations, locally and globally spread across various commercial, industrial, hotels, hospitals, institutions and government sectors.

Services range from drinking, desalination, processed water & various applications in waste water applications and allied systems.

Our expertise lies in developing innovative technological systems that has always challenged the existing paradigm of conventional systems.

We have challenged existing energy bills, footprint, quality, labor requirements, keeping in mind the need for the robustness of the systems.

Our applications research has been based on our knowledge and filling the gaps and needs of the market.

Piloting the component in an integrated system is the first step in establishing its proper working. The next step is to make sure technological robustness after clearing bugs in the system. The technological component is then built into the larger system.

  • Water and waste water systems in the developing world require updating with appropriate advanced technologies to be adopted
  • Appropriate advanced technologies are required in refurbishing existing systems and for creation of new infrastructure
  • Quality standards, replacement costs, energy requirements, operating expenditure, foot print, labor requirement, monitoring infrastructure and the like are the critical issues to be addressed in any water and waste water system.
  • The answers flow from the technological front as Appropriate advanced technologies should be robust with ease of achieve the desired deliverables.
  • The technologies are applicable for potable, processed and waste water applications.
  • We provide best in class technologies suiting the requirements of the end clients within the environment